exception ftrack_connect_nuke_studio.exception.Error(message=None, details=None)[source]

ftrack specific error.

default_message = 'Unspecified error occurred.'
__init__(message=None, details=None)[source]

Initialise exception with message.

If message is None, the class ‘default_message’ will be used.

details should be a mapping of extra information that can be used in the message and also to provide more context.

exception ftrack_connect_nuke_studio.exception.ValidationError(message=None, details=None)[source]

Raise when an validation error occurs.

default_message = 'Validation error.'
exception ftrack_connect_nuke_studio.exception.PermissionDeniedError(message=None, details=None)[source]

Raise when permission is denied.

default_message = 'Permission denied.'