Exporting a project

When your track items have been properly tagged you are ready to continue and export your project to ftrack.


To preview and export the project and its attributes you’ll have to open the Export project dialog:


This will open Export project dialog. When the dialog opens it will check against the server to see what’s already available and existing on the server.

As soon as the check is done, the interface will be displaying the preview of the project. The objects in ftrack are colored differently:

  • green, for an exsting object.
  • white, for a new object.
  • red, for an error which prevented the object to be created.

Project settings

From this interface you’ll be able to set the attributes for all the shots, such as resolution, fps, and handles. You will also be able to pick the workflow schema for the project creation and define other attributes such as handles and the start frame offset.

All the project settings will be added as attributes to the shot.



Some attributes, such as timecode related ones, are stored as metadata. This might change in the future.


Once you are happy with the configuration, all you have to do will be to press the Export button. As soon as the export finishes, a message will be displayed.


At this point the project are created on your ftrack server and from the Project spreadsheet it is possible to see the project and the structure that was defined in Nuke Studio.

At this point you can go and have a look on the ` for the result. In here you will be able to see your project and the structure as was defined from within Nuke Studio.


As well as the attributes and metadata, which have been added to the shot.


See also

Besides creating and updating the project structure in ftrack several versions are published. To learn more about this please refer to this article