Release Notes


10 November 2015


16 October 2015
  • changed

    Default tag expressions now check for either the previous syntax or as-is naming to support a wider variety of use cases out of the box.


    As part of this change the regular expressions must now define a “value” named group in order to work.

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  • changed

    Improved error messages shown when tag expression does not match.


1 October 2015
  • changed

    Propagate thumbnails to tasks on export by default.

  • changed

    Publish and Proxy processors disabled as default.

  • changed

    Store reference to outermost ftrack entity in hierarchy when exporting track items.

  • fixed

    Info panel not updating if track item has effect track.


22 September 2015
  • fixed

    Processors not working correct on Windows.

  • fixed

    Incomplete version number displayed for Nuke Studio application when discovered.

  • fixed

    Changes to context tags hook not being respected.

  • changed

    Read default export values for fps and resolution from the project settings.


10 September 2015
  • fixed

    Dropping several tags of same type causes export to fail.

  • fixed

    Segmentation fault when closing down Nuke Studio with plugin loaded.

  • changed

    Updated default export values for fps, resolution and handles.

  • fixed

    ProcessorsWeb playable componentIn and out points not calculated correctly when when offset is used on source clip.


8 September 2015
  • new

    Initial release of ftrack connect Nuke studio plugin.